Data Fanatics

In-house call centre

We believe that only qualitative volume leads to higher conversion and therefore more sales. To achieve this, Data Fanatics has its own in-house call centre.

In this call centre, 80% of our leads are verified and enriched. This helps us keep a finger on the pulse and only pass on leads where there is a real need in the short term.

Through Data Fanatics we receive highly qualified leads that our sales can immediately work with. The filtering on the correctness of the data and assets of the potential investor is then already done.

Anela Kadric | Marketing Manager Fisher Investments Europa

No cold leads

Whether there is an actual need from a consumer or company can of course not be determined from the data on the form. In many cases, this is human work. By calling us, we not only check the data for accuracy, but we also sound out the actual need. This prevents leads from only wanting to receive a brochure or from being in the early orientation phase.

In addition to gauging the need, calling serves to enrich the leads. We look for the right balance in volume and completed forms contribute to quality. In many cases it is wiser to do this in two steps in order to achieve both objectives.

Our customers

Data Fanatics is proud of its clients. Every day, many companies use our leads to grow further.