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    ER Capital

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    CNV Vakmensen

    CNV Vakmensen is een van de grootste vakbonden van Nederland met meer dan 130.000 actieve leden.


    Maandelijks verkopen we duizenden loten aan Nederlanders die hun geluk willen beproeven bij de grootste loterij…

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Maximum conversion in 10 steps

Data Fanatics generates the best leads. Not on the basis of 'a good feeling', but on the basis of thorough preparation and a tightly monitored process. Every campaign contains variations, but we always stick to the 10 steps below. See how we work for your hot leads.

Research, testing and making campaigns fully 360°. This is the basis of the successful collaborations with our clients.

Thomas Smeding
Manager Tech & Development

We identify your target group

Together we research the type of customers and the target group that best suits them. We think about characteristics, interests, preferences, propositions and behaviours. Next, we determine the custom audiences.

360° customer journey

Good leads are not generated on impulse, but are the result of a good customer journey that convinces the consumer. This requires a presence on multiple channels: from e-mail to native advertising and from Facebook to display ads. We use every channel where necessary!

Push & pull


Leads per month!

Standing out

Standing out in the crowd

The average person processes more than 6,000 stimuli every day. To protect yourself from that, you respond to only a few of them. It's up to us to be one of them by delivering a powerful message that really stands out and stays with you. Because in order to convert, a consumer has to click!

From awareness to interest

A message is more likely to stick thanks to quality content and repetition. That's why we set up pre-landers and landing pages for a 'soft landing'. We then follow up previous contact moments with personalised emails and re-marketing. This way we create a 360° campaign, across all channels.






As a call centre with a large field staff, it is a daily struggle to get enough good leads. Thanks to Data Fanatics, this is solved in one fell swoop. If only I had started doing this much sooner!

Matthijs van Erkelens
Hilversum, BOX Energie

We convince your target group

Good, we have your attention. Time to make it clear why your solution is the very best for the needs of that lead. We do this on an exclusive landing page. No fancy 'too good to be true' talk, but conviction based on the true proposition. This way, the consumer doesn't have any skewed expectations afterwards and you convert even better!

Finding out what is needed

We don't believe in standard forms for unique services. We ask what it takes to qualify your leads and immediately give them the right handles for the entire sales process. From date of birth to reason for application, and from income to whether the consumer owns a home.



Verified leads per year


Advanced lead portal

Leads are only leads when they meet the qualification requirements. The portal helps us to assess the value of leads and provides 360° feedback on the quality. Of course, we integrate all CRM packages, so that leads immediately enter your sales process in the right way.

Human verification

The biggest pitfall in lead generation is undoubtedly quality. Potential customers who are unwilling or unable to comply are not potential customers. Our self-developed lead portal automatically separates the wheat from the chaff. Our staff will also do a telephone check. We have an in-house call centre for this, which follows up on leads as soon as they arrive.

Direct follow-up from our own call centre.

Herbert van Overdijk
Den Bosch
42 year

Owns a home and is interested in renting solar panels.

Anja de Kok

Leads in your own CRM

Do you already use your own CRM system? Then we can transfer your hot lead directly into this system. Nice and easy: you have all the important details at hand and you can follow up on a lead quickly and with all the necessary knowledge.

Maximum conversion, minimum effort

High lead conversion rate due to genuine interest and extensive automatic and personal verification of leads. All this is the result of intensive collaboration, evaluation, data sharing and continuous optimisation.


Did we convince you?

Good, we figured we did. Are you active in the business-to-consumer market and do you need high-quality leads? Then we would like to talk to you about your wishes and the possibilities.

Contact us and challenge us!

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