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    Lees alles over de cases waar we voor onze opdrachtgevers leads hebben mogen werven.

    ER Capital

    ER Capital richt zich op kleinschalig commercieel vastgoed zoals kantoren, bedrijfsruimtes, winkels en verhuurde woningen.

    CNV Vakmensen

    CNV Vakmensen is een van de grootste vakbonden van Nederland met meer dan 130.000 actieve leden.


    Maandelijks verkopen we duizenden loten aan Nederlanders die hun geluk willen beproeven bij de grootste loterij…

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    Lees onze blogs over de laatste trends en weetjes rondom leadgeneratie.


    How Marketing Can Adapt To A World Without Cookies: 15 Strategies From Experts

    Very recently, Google announced that…


    How Chatbots Can Be Used In Lead Generation Strategies?

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,…

    Online Marketing

    10 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,…

We recognise, reach and activate every consumer

Leader in Leads, and we don’t say that lightly. With our online marketing funnels, we realise thousands of high-quality (dedicated) leads for our clients every month. We do this performance based, so the interests of our customers and Data Fanatics are always aligned. All the better. 

If your industry is not listed, don't panic! If you are active in the business-to-consumer market and are looking for large amounts of qualified leads, we can (almost) definitely help you!

Our campaigns

We offer the best solutions for your goals. Read more about our "Dedicated campaign", White label" and "Gamification".

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Would you like to make your entire home more sustainable or are you just looking for insulation? Thousands of consumers find their way through our sustainability platforms.

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Investment products

From entry-level products to asset management, we help many investment institutions with leads every month.

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From entry-level products to asset management, we help many investment institutions with leads every month.

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Members & subscriptions

From the trade union to the senior citizens' association. Every month we realize many thousands of new registrations for member associations and subscription services.

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Set text

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We realise daily new registrations for many research panels in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Consumer claims

You increasingly see consumer claims in Europe. From GDPR to the diesel scandal. We provide full claim participants.

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Cases we are proud of

Every customer request is different. Our interpretation is therefore always customised on the basis of proven methods. Daily monitoring, adjustment and optimisation of the campaign funnels ensure its success.