Data Fanatics

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    Lees alles over de cases waar we voor onze opdrachtgevers leads hebben mogen werven.

    ER Capital

    ER Capital richt zich op kleinschalig commercieel vastgoed zoals kantoren, bedrijfsruimtes, winkels en verhuurde woningen.

    CNV Vakmensen

    CNV Vakmensen is een van de grootste vakbonden van Nederland met meer dan 130.000 actieve leden.


    Maandelijks verkopen we duizenden loten aan Nederlanders die hun geluk willen beproeven bij de grootste loterij…

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    Lees onze blogs over de laatste trends en weetjes rondom leadgeneratie.

    Lead generation

    Chatbots gebruiken voor lead generation

    Leadgeneratie en chatbots. Een perfecte…

    Online marketing

    Wereld zonder cookies: 15 strategieën van experts

    Zeer recent kondigde Google aan…


    How Marketing Can Adapt To A World Without Cookies: 15 Strategies From Experts

    Very recently, Google announced that…

Our clients:

Many companies grow daily with our leads.

Our working method; aiming for the bullseye

Data Fanatics has a unique way of working that ensures that the quality of our leads is really high. Our clients demand focus, quality and large numbers. Our customers are not looking for a quotation factory, but new clients with whom they can enter into and expand a long-term relationship.


What is Data Fanatics good at?

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Browse through our specialisations! Is your industry not listed? No problem, challenge us!


We are quite proud of our services and daily results. And so are others!

Datafanatics international

Data fanatics continues to grow. Companies outside the Netherlands also use the services of DataFanatics. We are now active in the following countries!


Our home market

Started in 2017 and now thousands of high-quality and verified leads per day. The market where new concepts and techniques are tested.

Leading by example through continuous innovation and optimisation

Do you believe in the effectiveness of just one marketing channel? Think again. Or not; and leave it to us.Data Fanatics achieves results based on well thought out online marketing funnels combined with the latest technology.Continuously innovating and being present on the latest and best converting channels is what we believe in!

Proprietary technology

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That is why we developed an advanced lead portal based on in-house knowledge and experience.


Integration with your CRM

View leads through the portal, or directly in your own CRM.


360º feedback

Give easy feedback on quality, allowing us to quickly allocate budget and scale up.


Real-time verification

A live check on the quality of the leads prevents a lot of work on both sides.


Inspecting leads

Simple automated lead verification through real-time links.

Our method

This is Data Fanatics

Get to know us