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    Lees alles over de cases waar we voor onze opdrachtgevers leads hebben mogen werven.

    ER Capital

    ER Capital richt zich op kleinschalig commercieel vastgoed zoals kantoren, bedrijfsruimtes, winkels en verhuurde woningen.

    CNV Vakmensen

    CNV Vakmensen is een van de grootste vakbonden van Nederland met meer dan 130.000 actieve leden.


    Maandelijks verkopen we duizenden loten aan Nederlanders die hun geluk willen beproeven bij de grootste loterij…

  • Onze blogs

    Lees onze blogs over de laatste trends en weetjes rondom leadgeneratie.

    Lead generation

    Chatbots gebruiken voor lead generation

    Leadgeneratie en chatbots. Een perfecte…

    Online marketing

    Wereld zonder cookies: 15 strategie├źn van experts

    Zeer recent kondigde Google aan…


    How Marketing Can Adapt To A World Without Cookies: 15 Strategies From Experts

    Very recently, Google announced that…

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Take advantage of over 50 exclusive, in-house campaigns and high pay-out! Data Fanatics focuses on the continuous optimisation of touchpoints within the customer journey, which results in extremely high conversion rates. Curious about the possibilities? Then please contact us!

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About Data Fanatics

Data Fanatics is a performance-based lead generation agency, specialising generating leads. Our organisation does this for a broad range of market segments. Currently Data Fanatics mainly covers the Dutch market and delivers over 10,000 (validated) leads, ready to make a sale, to its customers every month.

+31 (0)85 040 4849
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Why work with Data Fanatics?

Exclusive campaigns for the largest companies

Data Fanatics works exclusively (1: 1) for its clients - the largest companies in the Netherlands - which means that there is minimal competition and the fees for quality leads are generally high.

Live review by means of custom-built portal

Through the custom publisher portal, you always have live insight into the results and quality achieved. So you always know where you stand!

High rewards for quality leads

Besides running exclusive campaigns for the largest companies in the Netherlands, you will always receive the highest pay-outs through direct partnerships!

Support at all times

Data Fanatics will support you in finding the best practices, in order to help you earn as much as possible.

Closed system

Keeping everything in-house, we manage the (high-conversion) landing page, pixels, advertisements etc. This way you are not dependent on lead times, and responding and optimising in real-time is part of the order of the day.

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Do you have a good database, a relevant website, appropriate blog, mobile application with relevant content or a nice target audience? We offer exclusive programmes and campaigns with attractive conditions. Data Fanatics is the performance-based marketing specialist for large organisations in the Netherlands. Be part of our network with over 40 top advertisers and benefit from the high fees and our premium service.

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Support for optimal results

Use our tools and easily provide visitors, prospects and traffic with relevant information in the form of custom templates. Fully customisable iFrames, banners, templates and live access to the portal. The industries we primarily serve are:



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